Quality Fruit Guaranteed and Certified

GLOBALGAP Certification

To guarantee, for itself and for consumers, the control of all production cycle, Santelli is under a strict program of audits from certification body.

They are specialized body, with an authorization from every single nation of the Europe, that verify and ensure, with their audit, the complete respect of law and procedural guideline.

The certification is released after strict control in all the production chain.

GlobalGAP standard

Fruits and Vegetables defines the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) for the development of the “best practice”, that is the best technical practice in the fruits and vegetables production. Global GAP requisites are:

Food safety and traceability;
Environment (waste management, environmental impact, soil management, use of fertilizers);
Workers’ health, safety and welfare;
Products (Integrated Crop Management, irrigation, integrated pest management, product’s harvest and handling);
Quality Management System.

residual analysis